Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course


It is critical for businesses and online marketers to be on the top page of search engine result pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that helps enhance the ranks of a website, but it may be complicated and perplexing. This task-based, hands-on search engine optimization online course introduces concepts and trends before laying out a day-by-day strategy for creating, managing, and evaluating a successful SEO campaign. It’s the ideal answer for busy marketers, business owners, and others whose jobs require increasing Web site visitors, with tools you can download and case studies to demonstrate crucial themes.

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Course Outcomes
-You’ll receive comprehensive search engine optimization instruction (SEO).
-You’ll learn every step of the SEO process from start to finish. Precisely. Concisely.
-Find profitable terms through keyword research and competitor analysis to drive focused traffic to your website.
-Learn how to generate holistic and comprehensive information that meets the intent of the search user.
-Optimize the content for the profitable keywords discovered through keyword research in order to rank higher.
-Create a sitemap and verify your site in Google Search Console to get indexed faster by search engines.
-Learn which types of backlinks are most effective and which are no longer relevant.

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