Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads Course


Google Ads is an excellent approach for website owners to push their sites to the top of Google’s search results. They operate on a PPC (Pay Per Click) model, which means that the account will be charged a price each time an ad is clicked.This Google Ads course will offer you a thorough grasp of how Google Ads works and will show you how to build up campaigns and write effective Ads in a clear, hands-on manner.You’ll also learn how to assess and optimize the effectiveness of your PPC ads to get the most bang for your budget.

Additional information

Course Outcomes
  • -Make an account with Google AdWords.
  • -Create advertising campaigns.
  • -Keywords should be optimized.
  • -Create Google AdWords advertising.
  • -Analyze and report on the campaign’s success.
  • -Manage the bidding process and budgets.
  • -Language and location targeting can be configured.
  • -Ad extensions might help you improve your campaigns.
  • -Make a campaign for the Display Network.
  • -AdWords features that are more advanced should be used.
  • -Measure the success of your campaign.
  • -Conversion-optimize AdWords campaigns.
  • -Campaigns should be improved.

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