Robust Digital Marketing Course - 6 Courses Bundled into 1 Full Course


This course is an initiative designed to educate participants in the area of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing and Social Media have transformed marketing and business practice across the globe. This course provides an understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape and examines the strategic role of digital marketing processes and tools in designing the overall Marketing strategy and the Digital Marketing Plan. It explores the challenges of Interactive media, the online marketplace, and the creative challenges of communicating and retention strategies of customers through these media, the main search engines, and the future trends in digital marketing.


The course includes :


Search Engine Optimization. (Get free traffic to your website with SEO)

-Social Media Marketing. (Instagram Ads & Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Ads Campaigns & Analytics, TikTok, YouTube Marketing Ads & Specs, Snapchat, Pinterest)

-Content Marketing. (Generate traffic, conversions, AND leads to your brand)

-LinkedIn Marketing. (Go viral on LinkedIn and 400x your connections)

-Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. (Avoid common mistakes and set up profitable campaigns)

-Affiliate Marketing. (Market a product with a low budget, effort, and time)

-Email Marketing. (Build a mailing list of 1000 people in 30 days from scratch)

Additional information

Course Outcomes

-Translate all of the key marketing and business models that will help to shape your digital marketing strategy

-Review the history of digital marketing to give some perspective to your digital strategic plan

-Describe the online market presence, segmentation, and the 4 Ps of marketing and their implications for digital marketing

-Analyze the opportunities and risks of integrated digital marketing

-Outline an approach to developing a digital marketing plan

-Explain the key digital marketing activities needed for competitive success

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